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FlexCharging and Partner to Revolutionize EV Charging and Grid Management

Revolutionize EV Charging and Grid Management

FlexCharging is excited to announce its partnership with to revolutionize EV charging and grid management and expand access to distribution system-optimized managed charging and asset management for utilities and electric vehicle (EV) owners.

This collaboration between, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning data analytics company, offers great potential for enhancing utility-managed and fleet charging programs. and FlexCharging continue to bolster their network of partners to expand EV charging solutions and offer utilities, drivers, and fleet managers smart charging technology that will accelerate EV adoption.

Expanding Across North America 🌎📈 and FlexCharging are expanding throughout North America, offering complete turnkey distribution-optimized managed charging programs for utilities. Their integrated solution optimizes charging to align with times of low grid stress and high renewable energy availability, reducing the impact on the grid and the environment while saving money.

About 🌟 develops advanced software that optimizes electric mobility, enabling the transition to a decarbonized power grid. Based in Boulder, CO, provides a comprehensive network solution for fleet managers, operators, planners, and utility partners. Visit for more information.

You can read more about the partnership here.

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