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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

  1. Download the FlexCharging App

    • From the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  2. Create a FlexCharging Account

  3. Login to your EV account with your EV account credentials

  4. Setup you EV schedule

    • Setup any minimum charge requirements

  5. Setup your charging location(s)

    • Select your utility

    • Select your rate schedule (if known)

  6. Determine which charging locations you would like to be automatically managed to your cheapest rate schedule

That’s it! Now just plug-in and let FlexCharging’s algorithm automatically shift your charging to the cheapest charge based on your utility and rate schedules.

How Does It Really Work?

FlexCharging uses Vehicle Telematics to determine the EV’s State of Charge and combines it with information about your charging location, your schedule, your charge speed and several other factors to begin charging at a time that charges your EV for your schedule, while also saving you money on charging. Weekend or weekday. Summer or Winter. We can even optimize your charging to a solar PV system, if you select that option.

Is My Information Secure?

FlexCharging takes your data security and data privacy very seriously. 

Security - FlexCharging uses an encrypted token to communicate with your EV telematics system.

Privacy - We do not share information that personally identifies you with unaffiliated third parties for their marketing purposes unless you opt in to that sharing.

See our Privacy Policy for full details.

Can I override Managed Charging?

Yes. You can override or opt out of managed charging in several ways.

  1. You can use the app to select ‘Start Charging’ at any time.

  2. You can use the app to slide the toggle to turn off managed charging at any time by sliding the toggle next to ‘Yes, please manage my car charging based on my charge locations and preferences’ to the left. You can turn it back on by sliding the toggle to the right.

  3. You can use the app to go to a specific charge location and select ‘Do Nothing’ in the “How do you want to charge’ setting

  4. You can delete a charge location if you never want to manage charging at that location 


Can’t I already manage my charging using my EV app?

Sometimes, but not as specifically. Typical EV apps allow a set schedule for charging. They do not take into account that each day might be priced differently depending on the season, the time of day, the day of the week, etc.

In addition, FlexCharging will be adding even more discrete optimization to allow drivers to optimize for best price and/or best carbon time - through a relationship with WattTime’s marginal CO2 forecasts.

That means, you will be able to charge at the cheapest OR greenest time of the day - each day - depending on that day’s CO2 forecast.

Does FlexCharging add to my Vehicle’s Energy Use?

FlexCharging uses adaptive polling to communicate with your EV. We vary communications from 60 minutes to 2 minutes depending on the EV state. Our EV communications add approximately 1-2 miles of range loss per day or approximately $0.06/day using $0.19/kwh rate and 3.5 miles/kwh

Will the FlexCharging app work anywhere?

Yes. The FlexCharging app can work anywhere. However, rate schedules are primarily focused on the US and Australia at present. However, if you would like us to add a particular rate schedule for your location, please get in touch and let us know.

What’s in it for FlexCharging?

FlexCharging works with utilities, regulators, and other energy and sustainability organizations to provide anonymized data to help plan for the massive influx of EVs onto the grid in the next decade. In addition, by providing automated smart charging, FlexCharging is helping utilities keep costs down for new equipment by using idle periods to charge EVs. This allows utilities to use equipment they already own more efficiently. Utilities pay FlexCharging to help them ready for and manage EV adoption.

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