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We drive innovation at the intersection of the energy and
automotive sectors.

FlexCharging is a team of passionate industry leaders helping to create a smooth transition to the EV future.

Our Team

We believe the work we are doing will benefit our relationship with electric transportation and the planet. This optimism characterizes all of our decisions and defines the commitment of our team members.

Turn everything that moves (transportation) into an active part of solving global climate change and removing fossil fuels from the planet. 

Our Mission


Be the world’s most effective and pervasive smart charging solution in order to reduce the burden on the electric grid, eliminate carbon from the electricity transportation consumes, and lower costs for everyone involved. The better we do this, the faster the world can transition to electric transportation that’s produced from renewable energy.

Our impact is what drives us. This means shifting load for utilities, removing more carbon from transportation, and saving money. Growing our impact for the good of our customers, EV owners, and the planet is our metric for success.


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