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Electrification simplified.

Electric Vehicles are the future

  • 11 countries and 19 cities are planning to ban gasoline cars by 2030! This includes China, India, France, United Kingdom, Norway, and others.

  • Based on car sales projections, 30% of cars may be electric by 2025 in the United States

How do we get ready for the electrification transition?

For almost five years, our team has been working on an app to manage EV charging, providing the best possible experience for drivers. With a fleet of drivers eager to minimize their environmental impact, we make it easy and seamless for utilities and other agencies to prepare for the residential EV charging influx. With over 40 years of collective experience in energy, at FlexCharging, we know that planning for the future and keeping customers happy go hand in hand. Our customer-centric approach combined with intelligent analytics lets us understand the residential EV driver and help our clients engage in the right ways.

FlexCharging is an electric vehicle data analytics and Demand Flexibility provider.  FlexCharging’s smart charge app manages EV charging needs, including load shifting and smart charging capabilities. FlexCharging aggregates electric vehicles from your residential & workplace customers, and manages charging schedules for time of use rates, peak demand, ramp rates, and more.  

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What we offer


Phone App

Customer experience

FlexCharging App

Our mobile phone app is easy to download and use for residential EV charging management needs. We help our users understand their utility rates and schedules, supporting charging that meets their needs while helping to keep energy costs low and the electric grid balanced.


No hardware needed

Available in App Store for iPhone and Android



Electric vehicle charging insights

Data and Analytics

Cloud API

We provide the service of connecting the utility to the residential customer to enable insights into the driver needs. We help our clients with grid infrastructure planning and management by enabling them to work with residential users to understand EV charging needs.


Electric Vehicle Data

Smart charging analytics



Smart grids are happy grids

Load Shifting and Demand control

Smart charging

Low-cost charging and supporting time-of-use rates helps both the residential customer and the electricity provider. Flexcharging is making the transition to an EV future seamless and inexpensive for everyone involved. This demand flexibility goes beyond just data, and can help shape electric load.  A very valuable benefit is peak shaving and ramp rate management. We can help you avoid peak demand impacts and sudden influxes of EV charging by smart load shifting algorithms and charging schedules. Flexcharging supports manual as well as automatic load shifting for optimized charging at the right time.


Time of use Rates

Peak Demand

Automated charging schedules

Demand Response



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