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Manage the

EV future.

Take control with FlexCharging

Electric vehicle driving through forest
forest with rays of sunlight

People don’t buy

EVs to charge

them with coal.

Save money and the planet.

Register for your local utilities charging incentive program to earn rewards ($).

Shift EV charging away from expensive, CO2 emitting, electricity.

FlexCharging helps you charge your EV when grid demand is low and renewable energy generation is high for a balanced, greener grid.

No hardware required.

Connect any compatible EV no matter where it drives or how it charges.

FlexCharging communicates directly with your EV to make the magic of EV smart charging happen.

electrical utility or co-op substation

Utilities will
drive the future
of EVs.

Quickly launching EV charging incentive programs to reduce peak load.

Easily onboarding EV owners to participate.

Program management made simple.

No EV left behind – the most inclusive of EV makes and models

We can scale your program to millions of EVs, or start immediately with only a handful.

We offer the best pricing in the industry at any scale.

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